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Combining Resquared & Badger Maps


📧 Use Resquared to find local businesses and send automated personalized emails at scale. 


📍 Import your prospects to Badger Maps and create an optimized route for visiting them in-person. 


📈 Use Badger's automated data gathering to track sales activities and performance automatically. 

What is Resquared?

Resquared is an all-in-one sales platform for reaching local businesses. We offer data on over 11 million small businesses in the US and Canada as well as a suite of AI-powered email and social media lead-gen tools.

Who is a good fit for Resquared's lead gen tools?

Companies who sell to small and local businesses. Often this includes commercial real estate teams, economic development councils, marketing agencies, commercial insurance agents, and more.

How is Resquared data different from Badger’s data?

Resquared offers contact data on over 11 million small businesses pulled from multiple verified sources like the BBB, Chambers of Commerce, Security of State, social media, consumer review sites, and more. 

Resquared is constantly cleaning, updating, and adding to our database so you have access to every single business owner in the US and Canada.

Will this work if I'm not currently a Badger Maps user?

Yes! However, we highly recommend using Resquared & Badger Maps together to fully automate your field sales workflow.

Learn more about Badger Maps on their website, where you can sign up for a demo or free trial.